708 653 8762 bomb this number, help me find out who it is

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6/7/2012 7:11 PM

Some bitch is texting me and talking shit, find out who it is for me

‎"hey fucking bitch"
"who is this"
"your worst fucking nightmare"
My nightmare doesn't know it's own name? Sorry, down syndrome doesn't scare me"
"Ohh man you got me there!"
"Yea, so who is this"
"Yo mama"
"My moms number is saved in my phone, so no this isn't."
"Yes it is"
"Alright then call me faggot"
Talks a bunch of shit, says they are going to beat my ass, so i tell them where i live so they can "Beat my ass"
then i texted them
"Still waiting............................. And you still haven't told me your name......"


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708 336 1697

6/7/2012 10:19 PM

texted the bitch....name is elizabeth


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6/8/2012 3:22 AM

Time for a pimp smack to someones face... Remember to use open hand so it doesnt leave a mark.


6/10/2012 1:24 AM

i checked a few sources... most put her in blue island... one said she lived on or was around a vermont street... i had it pretty much triangulated down to a tiny section of the city/town er whatever and i accidentally refreshed the page and i dont feel like going back and finding it all again... one of them put her in wheaton... and idk thats pretty much what i remember from the long ass thing i typed out... i think the general area was something like s roosevelt, butterfield, just before route 57(i think it was 57) and some other road that i cant remember... oh and its a slight possibility its a land line

not only did i fuck up and loose all the info i had typed but there was a good site i used once upon a time that if i had their number i could find out all their info down to the address... but that was years and years ago... like 04... the closest thing to that i could find now was like a month ago i had similar shit happen and i found a site that got it down to the block they were on... just type the number in on google or yahoo and see what you could find... hope i helped man


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