Any occupational full time welders/fabricators on the board?

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11/17/2018 6:28 PM

I need to ask some questions aimed towards guys working in the steel/fab industry about “welding shivers” “Monday flue” or also known as Metal Flue Fever. I’ve taken up a few projects at work that entail 8 to 12 hour days of torching, plasma cutting, mig welding, hard facing, and stick welding. I’ve probably got 50 or so big industrial sized bins(30 to 65yard dumpsters) that I was asked to rebuild as I’m handy with fab work however I’ve never done anything of this magnitude. These are the big ass boxes on the commercial semi and roll off trucks that are on industrial sites for scrap steel and what not. Anyway I rarely get the flue and even rarer do I miss work but this past year I have had what I thought was the flue nearly 7 different times. I’m laid up in bed right now and all day today as I thought I had the flue, that was until a friend of mine said I had what he called welding shivers. he said it’s the same thing as the flue and you’ll think it’s the flue every time....but it’s from breathing in welding fumes. WTF!?!? I’m nearly certain every time this entire year I had a fever it was directly related to welding fumes causing me to get metal flue Fever.

Have any of you experienced this? I’m flat out certain what Ive been expericning is metal flue Fever and I’ve been blaming my kids for making me sick this whole time while it’s been an occupational
Hazard. Crazy nobody could figure this out except my non high school educated buddy. Reading up on metal flue Fever and wow this whole time I thought I was getting the flue every month.


11/29/2018 9:23 AM

I've never had it and haven't welded for over a decade for a job, BUT I would suggest contacting the HR team from your work and see if they can get you a respirator. Also you might be able to go down the path of some workers comp if it can be proven to not be legit flu.


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