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10/3/2011 7:02 PM

Anyone else ever like, automatically friends with other people who ride? Like, you click and see someone commented on the same thing as you whatever on facebook and their picture is like them on a bike or something. Then just start talking about riding? I love that haha. Here there's like 4 schools all about a 20-40 minute driver from one to the other. And kids from each school all post riding pics and it's like.. competitive kinda. It's like whoever posts the best pic or video gets tons of comments haha. And luckily for us one of the best riders I have EVER seen at 15 goes to my school and we're building trails.. And luckily I just got a flipcam.. Hopefully we will be winning hahahah. But yeah forreal does this happen with you guys haha?


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10/3/2011 7:04 PM

i tend to hate everybody so no. unless they drive an e30 and fancy selling me parts, are a rampant athiest or fan of jim jeffries/frankie boyle il probably tell u to fuck off


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