Fuck you.

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4/4/2013 1:28 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/4/2013 1:29 PM


"Are they punkin' me Tio, are they punkin' me?"

4/4/2013 1:36 PM

There's ton of these videos up on youtube....

I think one that I liked the most would be this one.... It basically conveys the message that we don't appreciate people or tell them we appreciate them while they're alive and well. The guy goes on to say something along the lines of "Live simply, so others can simply live." America has this fuck this shit lets throw the house out the window mentality which is why we're collapsing as a country >.>


4/4/2013 1:54 PM

So inspirational ^^
Another really nice video is this one

I agree with it 100%

"Are they punkin' me Tio, are they punkin' me?"

4/4/2013 2:02 PM

What a fucking beautiful video.... Wish my mom could watch it and fully comprehend it instead of pestering me for choosing not to go to college and do other things >.>

Great stuff.... Great stuff


4/4/2013 2:17 PM

Thanks for these Andy. They're great.

And, Fuck YOU. kissing

FREE not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes
STYLE a particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode of action or manner of acting

4/4/2013 2:29 PM

Best video I have ever seen!!!! ^^


"Are they punkin' me Tio, are they punkin' me?"