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1/8/2009 6:20 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/14/2016 6:07 PM

Grace Gabbana is by far, my favorite model, the hottest girl I've seen in a long while , and is just about to embark on a lucrative modeling career, and break through into the glamour industry. She needs to have her own site! But as it stands now, you can view pictures, leave messages & comments, become her friend, and find out what all the hype is about at

I think it's time to introduce you to Grace Gabbana. She's a modeled for clothing companies such as LOTEK, & AYER CLOTHING, magazines including Decline Magazine, Playet Magazine, and is scheduled to be featured in the second issue of up-and-coming FOUR G'S MAGAZINE(Graffiti, Guns, Girls, & Ganja)

Not only is she beautiful, but at 20 years old, she is the definition of a MILF! She just had a baby like six months ago, and she's already back to work for AYER, LOTEK, and many freelance photographers.

She's a California native, and has even taken to learning tricks on a bike. She can bunnyhop! Although She may not have a career as a pro-BMXer, I think it's important the you take a second and check her out and show some support!

Hopefully with encouragement from her fans, she'll start a website where we'll get to see a little more of her, if you know what I mean

Here she is, the incomparable Grace Gabbana:[LINK TO IMAGE]Photo[LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE]