I Just Witnessed a Murder!!

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7/11/2013 5:54 AM

Sooooo... Before anyone freaks out it was a Chicken lol...

Our Puppy is mental she is a Lurcher but she's crossed with a Terrier. She is usually muzzled because she digs the garden up & eats the Dirt. Well we've been trusting her without it once or twice a day to see how she is progressing..

One of our Chickens has also become an escape artist, we've trimmed its wings & its tail feathers but some how it keeps getting out!

Our Puppy has caught it a few times with her muzzle on but just now it wasn't on! She grabbed the Chicken by its neck shook it around then pinned it down & was clamping down on its neck!! It was dead before we could get to the bottom of the garden & get our Puppy off of it!! It was mental!!


7/11/2013 9:50 AM


I'm gonna need bigger bars

7/11/2013 10:46 AM

Do you have chickens then?


7/11/2013 11:34 AM

Yeah i HAD 3 lol. They're my Dads really, i help out every now & again. Its been escaping the enclosure for about a month now. Fuck knows how the enclosure is 6'6 high & has the chicken wire bent over backwards too so it cannot get a grip on anything. Its had both of its wings AND its tail clipped but some how it gets out. Our Puppy Lettie has just turned a year old. Like i said in the OP she's caught it a few times with her muzzle on this time no muzzle grabbed it swung it around slammed it into the floor & crunched down on its neck a few times before my Dad got to her! She didn't want to give it up either, he bashed Lettie with a rake in the end to get her away from it lol. Its buried in our front garden now. And now we have 2 chickens lolages.


7/11/2013 11:44 AM

K_A_N_E_ wrote: Photo

Gotta read that with the black guy voice in your head like on Family Guy. Hahahaha! I saw one of my puppies do the same when I was a kid. Didn't really bother me tho because I love dogs and it was just a chicken after all, and already understood that's how the circle of life works. I thought of it as, "I eat them every other day, so what's the difference?". I was more sad that my parents made me get rid of my puppy because of it. Lol