I just accidentally bid $24501.00

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9/27/2017 9:22 PM

On ebay...I really hope some asshole doesnt bid all crazy...

I took a screenshot of it in case I need to send it to ebay.

Anyone else do anything similar?


9/28/2017 9:31 PM

Haha, what the fuck were you bidding on?


Pegless and coaster is ultimate zen

9/28/2017 10:58 PM

A bike actually...was gonna interchange some parts that i wanted off it and then sell whatever was left of it.

I ended up contacting ebay and I retracted my bid and immediately rebid the correct amount $245.01

I ended up maximg out at 251.00 and someone bid and got it up to 257.00 last minute.

Glad I didnt get it actually cause bills are coming up and my foot is making it hard to be a usps letter carrier...lol


12/2/2017 12:12 PM

Been there done that. I bid 200.00 instead of 20.00 once. Almost died.