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6/6/2013 3:59 AM

Well ive been away for a while, and when i get back, its like sunny has been replaced with this oneguymydadrapesmeeverynightilluminati. dude seems like a really dick.


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6/6/2013 6:19 AM

ya pretty much. hes kinda worse than sunny in a way. he just makes threads about how parts suck every day.


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6/6/2013 12:36 PM

he's pretty bad but to be honest there's nothing else really going on around in the forum so he keeps stuff a little interesting


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6/6/2013 10:09 PM

and im the most loved on vital wink


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6/7/2013 8:39 AM

He is a complete & total bell end! I have been here just over a year now (And look forward to many more!) But this guy reaaaally pisses me off!! He bitches about almost every company & the majority of their parts almost every day! If he really hates the companies & their parts then he needs to fuck the hell outta BMX & quit bitching on here about how he has no mechanical skills & wrecks the parts himself not buys shitty parts!!!


6/7/2013 3:51 PM

he manuals in clown jackets. nuff said. but if you need the full story its below

long story short he joined as plzdontfailmeagn. bitched about the gsport ratchet. he was called out on his lie. he crated a new username as eeyeilluminatiguy and still does the same thing.


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6/7/2013 7:32 PM

He's a jackass sunnyjomofo wanna be. There's always gonna be one.


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