Ice Baths and Other Methods of Helping Aches & Pains

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9/16/2014 3:11 PM

Figured I'd make a thread to share my methods and discuss others.

I take about 3-4 ice baths a week and it works extremely well! I have leg problems from being flat footed and it really helps with leg pain after a long day of riding.

I also sleep on a heating pad for the occasional back pain that I get.

Other than that, I don't really have any other pains that require me to do anything to aid them.

What do you guys do after a long day of hard riding to help yourself get ready for the next one?


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9/16/2014 3:17 PM

icy hot and ibuprofen for me


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9/16/2014 4:06 PM

Car battery and some jumper cables


9/16/2014 4:49 PM

eskimojay wrote:

Car battery and some jumper cables

You too!?


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9/16/2014 6:48 PM

I shit in the fan then turn it on full blast


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9/16/2014 8:36 PM

Ice bag on the arms, cold shower, protein shake after rides and plenty of sleep.

i try to stay away from being too dependent on pain killers.


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10/9/2014 6:43 AM

Stretchin THOROUGHLY before and after riding. I can't ride in a smooth and comfortable way if i dont. Or if work is really hard i get crazy sore on my feet and back so i have to rest or take a warm bath or something.


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10/9/2014 7:48 AM

Unless I ridewith people 2 days in a row in which case I take some advil


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