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Physicx Physicx
1/13/2010 9:19 PM

My friend wants to trade me the Fit sprocket off of tech 2.5 and a shadow half-link, for my Kink Sound sprocket.
Im not too sure... :p

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aznsbmx? aznsbmx?
1/13/2010 11:27 PM

yeh id do it but wat condish are they in?

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millsaps millsaps
1/14/2010 12:12 PM

is it alloy or not. he obviously has a reason to trade there probly sometrhign wrong with the sproket

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Ride-a-licious Ride-a-licious
1/15/2010 2:58 AM
millsaps wrote:

is it alloy or not. he ...more

or da chain

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