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10/12/2015 11:28 PM

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10/13/2015 11:50 AM

Okay, this is all stuff I have always realized, and a LOT of people surely do as well.

But this video only raises questions without answers. It's all speculation. You could say "well they kill the animals, they have all the power, yada yada" but what action is an actual thing to stop corporations? Sure, the internet is GREAT for that, but don't they see that it is YET another tool owned purely by corporation? Sure, use it to come together, but the next day they are going to open their laptops to see a funny cat video.

The internet is not a way to fix it. Real interaction real people and real love are what can only bring us together.

Everyone is out for their own personal gain, no one cares. It's a hard thing for a lot of people to understand. The only way to bring people really together is fear. If everyone is scared, they all hide together. There is nothing we can do.

Sure, we are all perpetually fucked. Every step we take is on soil owned by somebody somewhere. The only hope for the lives we live is to live how we see fit, by any means.

The biggest truth is, we are just animals with the power to create. We were born with little fur, no shell, and we aren't that fast. Humans can create. We have ability to do what most other animals do not. Make coats to keep us warm, houses, etc.

But what we have created isn't something that can be reversed. Only revised. Our mark is made. People should just help each other and be nice really. Forget about all the money and power and just be good to each other. Only thing that has ever done that ever was religion. Except it didn't really because look at all the war too.

I'm gonna stop the rambling for now. It's not useful.


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