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5/8/2013 8:39 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/8/2013 8:43 AM

So i just watched "Johnny got his gun" its an anti-war film. My gosh was it sad, I mean it was the most depressing movie i have ever watched! I do recommend it though. Its about a young American soldier who is hit by a mortar on the last day of ww1, and it blows his arms, legs, eyes, ears, mouth and nose off. and the military keeps him alive to study because they think he is brain dead, but he isn't although through all hos suffering he does recieve a handjob from a nursetongue,. Metallica used parts of the movie for the video "One" and hold the right to the movie too! But what movies have you guys been into? I like the old evil dead trilogy, scott pilgram vs, and any zombie movie!


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5/8/2013 2:46 PM

I read that book, one of the best books ive read

I havent watched much movies though the last movie i saw was mama, shit was good kind of creepy too


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