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6/27/2013 5:03 AM

My old man turned 63 this March. He likes building bikes with me, he knows a fair few companies & some of the parts they make. He watches DVDs & Web Edits with me, knows god knows how many BMXers by appearance & quite a few by name (His favourite rider is Mike "Jersey" Taylor) But yesterday he had me order him some shoes.. They arrived today. So my 63 year old father is now rocking bright blue Etnies Number Mids!! What a Bad Ass grin


6/27/2013 6:53 AM

Pretty cool that he supports you in riding and everything!



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6/27/2013 10:06 AM

thats sick.


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6/28/2013 3:00 AM

Hey can't blame him. The only shoes I've ever been comfortable in were skate/bmx shoes, so I'm sure I'll still be wearing them then too. Lol


7/3/2013 1:26 PM

What a boss, dats mint.


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