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1/5/2016 11:55 PM

So I'm finally trying to and get things done so as a little start I opened up a savings account .

I don't want to get into detail but I make around 1k bi weekly . That's before anything gets taken off . Obviously I pay some bills and help out , buy food and clothes etc , so a lot gets taken off . But with this savings account I decided to take 250$ every month from my paycheck and on top of that , I have this .50 cent automatic savings deposit everytime I use my card .

I'm aiming to save up for a car , because I don't even have my license so it'll be a year at least before I can even drive . So I should have roughly a bit over 3k by this time next year if I don't touch it , which I plan not too .

I want to know what's some good ideas for savings , as well as plans to do so . I've always had expensive tastes but I really want to start cutting back on costs and begin to save for a car as mentioned and even have a secondary amount for appliances and furniture when I move out.

I'm young but I want this shit figured out now . I did the math or whatever and if I save up and put a certain amount in a high investment account or get into investing ( low stock prices / high exchange ) I could have around 35 000$ by the time I'm 29 and that can be put towards a downpayment on a house with the only debt being mortgage which is the best to have .

If I can hear anything about savings and advice I'd appreciate it , as well as any ways to make saving easier BUT realistic. I'm really into business and management , and want to take a business course and financial classes soon . I might even want to work at a bank but who knows . But yes anyone with suggestions pitch in .


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1/6/2016 12:27 AM
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It's good to start a savings account at a young age. I've had mine since I was 15 years old and now I'm 32 with a family. You seem to be on the right track. Have you tried working multiple jobs? I always seek out other things to do besides my main career, like side jobs. Some examples of others jobs I've done on the side: plumbing, moving furniture, tattoo artist, piercings, warehouse work.

Now as for costs and cutting corners I do have some interesting tidbits. For items I buy from they sell everything at good prices clothes, shoes, furniture, ect, plus free shipping on orders over $50. I buy in bulk always to get that free shipping, their stuff is always affordable, because they are items that are "overstocked" and need to be sold to help clear inventory. Another thing that's important is I use them to get presents for people (mainly women). Ya see all the jewelry on that site is FREE, you just pay for the shipping! It's great for christmas, mother's day, your girlfriend, or sister!


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1/8/2016 10:44 AM

Put that money towards things that will make you more money if so inclined. Don't spend alot of money on bike parts and random shit, do you really need those pants or that shirt? those shoes?


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1/8/2016 1:52 PM

If I was in your situation, I'd think about saving toward some kind of business or self employment. Working for other people, making them better off sucks. I'm sick of it!
Just think of what you really want to do, and make it happen.
Chances are one day you'll have a wife and kid or 2, you'll want to spend quality time with them. Instead of working loads to cover all your outgoings, you could be your own boss, finish early and do the school run etc.
It could be anything. A friend of mine is a window cleaner. He's got a wife and 2 kids. He has to take advantage of the good weather through summer. But still gets to finish at 3 most days. He built his round up over a couple of years and has enough work to keep him well off.
I've got another friend who opened a tattoo shop a few years ago. He's good, so his reputation keeps the customers coming. He's probably better off than anyone I know, and spends his days doing what he enjoys.

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1/8/2016 7:55 PM

Start at a young age, and have an automatic plan in place so you don't have to actively do it (set for an amount you KNOW you won't touch), and then when you have bills etc covered, allow yourself a SMALL amount for play money. Put the rest away. When you file taxes for work (if you aren't just cash under the table you likely will have to) take ANYTHING you get in a refund, and put it in the savings.


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1/8/2016 9:24 PM