Scooter problems

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2/1/2019 7:15 PM

I ride scooters, kind of. My bike was stolen and I used to ride scooters so yeah. Well my SCS is shaking when I put any force on the bars. I run a tilt classic scs and this started when I tried to take my bars off and they wouldn’t budge so I retightened the bolts and gave up after pushing them back down.



2/4/2019 9:48 PM

One thing you can try is put a coin between the clamp bolt area, thread the bolt in the other way so it compresses the coin, and the bars should slide right out. Same as "stretching out" a brand new clamp to put bars back in, if you know how to do that.

Your goal was to tighten the compression bolt inside the SCS, right? If you get your bars off and find that it's perfectly tight, add spacers beneath the clamp on the fork steerer.


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