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12/8/2014 10:14 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/8/2014 10:15 PM

Less than a year work ;

Guy comes in , starts a fight in the cafeteria , throws a ladder at people , trashes the store , then proceeds to egg me and my manager , goes around and knocks everything over . Later comes back with a gun and attempts to rob the store , screaming "Open the fuckin tills" and "I'm gonna kill you all" but no one did anything so he left.

Recently a guy came in , did a bunch of drugs and chilled in the backroom for employees , manager sees him , fight happens , drugo runs away , slips , gets dogpiled but pulls a knife and stabs our workers and bites a guy , ended up getting away and holding a guy hostage at knifepoint and forced him to drive high speed to another City where the driver bailed and the drugo got the dogs sicked on him by police. Seen here

Pretty crazy , I bus to work and it's pretty ghetto , but shit happens all the time . But dammnnn it's crazy. Anyone else have some good stories ?


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12/9/2014 12:38 AM

well that sounds like a fun day.

im not even joking. I would've loved that day lol


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12/9/2014 12:52 AM

What part of the lower main land you from around Surrey ? Some of those places are kinda ghetto

Nothing exciting for me used to get drunk when I cooked at Boston pizza all the time just bring a case of beer to work and stick it in a fridge


12/9/2014 6:20 AM

That sounds great... I work in a cafeteria too

It gets wild with high students and drunk students sometimes. I always mess with the ones that are high and act like I'm calling the DEA and stuff. Its funny as fuck.

I told this one girl the guy that works with us that the guy that also works there has a crush on her and his dick is like a foot long and wide. Told her that he totally is modest about it too. Seriously the funniest thing because he is shy as hell.

There are too many work stories i don't wanna type up.


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12/9/2014 11:04 AM

I see all types of crazy shit like hobos sleeping in the bathrooms and people trying to hide raw meat in there pants. Black friday was so crazzy fat chicks were fighting over 99 cent towels lol damn idiots. Little kids always getting lost.


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12/10/2014 7:46 AM

First day of work doing furniture delivery.
We get to the house a little early
Girl answers door in robe and says "OH! Let me put some clothes on I wasn't expecting you yet
Husband not home.
Back door open.
We're 90% sure we caught her mid cheat.


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12/10/2014 10:19 AM

Collin_McClenahan wrote:

First day of work doing furniture delivery.
We get to the house a little early
Girl answers door in robe and says "OH! Let me ...more

Should've banged.


12/11/2014 8:45 PM

I'm a HVAC helper so i go into a shit ton of houses everyday

George strait has a house here and i went to it about a month ago.
went to a house with 3 mean mastiffs a couple weeks ago and they were inside as we were leaving. didnt get eaten though
one guy had a pet deer, his chihuahua bit me.

i'll think of actually interesting ones later.


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12/13/2014 1:20 PM

I used to work at Petsmart. Cleaned up dog's shit daily off the floor. Some people are such assholes when they see their dog take a shit in the middle of the store and then they walk off. Worked there for a year and quit because managers kept lying to me about a raise and were rude as shit


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12/16/2014 10:09 PM

we were working on a dryer today and the old lady customer came up to us as we were just getting done. my tech said "i fixed it." and smiled. she grabbed him by the cheeks and kissed him. tried to go for lips but he turned. as we were going outside he said he thought about slipping a little tongue just to make shit real weird


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12/17/2014 5:21 AM

only in canada


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12/17/2014 6:36 AM

This place i'm at now is various levels of disgust daily, it's food btw.


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