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6/4/2017 10:16 AM

So i ship for bootcamp in less than 80 days at this point. Tryin to get SWOLE. Nah but seriously im trying to just improve pushup/situp endurance. Ive basically been doing prison style workouts due to lack of a gym membership. Doing multiple smaller sets of pushups. Shoving my feet under a desk and doing crunches. Everything in between. What about you guys?


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6/4/2017 11:57 AM

just run literally run for miles every single day

practice your pullups

do your situps and pushups but time them put a timer on for 2 mins and see how many you can do.

thats how you pass basic lol


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6/5/2017 10:33 AM

Beer and hot wings .... jk

I like going to the pool and hitting flips off the diving board or just flipping on trampolines is a good workout too


6/6/2017 1:18 PM

Boots on, fling a load of weight in the bergen (at least the weight of whatever your regulation kit is) and off you go a cross country run.

Also depends on what service and what work your doing, aircraft techs in the airforce aren't going to be doing the same regime a infantry soldier will do.

cardio is way more important than muscle, if you do anything make sure your cardio is up to scratch, during boot camp they will try and break you, having the cardio(and mental toughness) to keep going will help when their beasting you day in day out, rather than trying ti pack on a load of muscle.


6/12/2017 3:05 PM

Just get a membership to a gym.. it's not that expensive and I go to the gym pretty much every day... and also eat lots of protein.


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6/7/2018 3:05 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/7/2018 3:10 PM

Eat well. I do 2 times a week real world scenario MMA class, we do tons of stretches and drills. Like said before on here, cardio and conditioning is of utmost importance for you. So lots of shit that gasses you out. Long fast bikes rides can be beneficial.

Then besides that yoga, and just ride my bike. Skate anywhere I don't have to drive.

But the most important thing is your diet. I know an absolute shit ton about proper dieting for specific occasions. But your diet will potentially be the most deciding factor. No more chicken nuggies brother. Lean steaks, nuts, fruits, greens all day. I also do tons of Salmon and Tuna. RX Bars are convenient too, they're just straight forward. The ingredients are right on the package, all of them. The Love Grown Oatmeal muffin cups are also awesome. But if you wanna be big... find a protein supplement you like. I don't do supplements, so I dunno shit about it. Just find out what the good companies are really. Some are kinda sketchy


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6/25/2018 1:22 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/25/2018 1:27 PM

I’m a personal trainer and I am ex military. If you really want to try (you can’t trust me) to prepare for Basic Training. Endurance and more endurance! You can’t get prepared for the unexpected things that happen, it’s impossible. But, the more endurance you have the better. Trust me the pushups and pull-ups will not help much as you do so many at odd times and weird locations you are never ready.

Whole food is key for size. Sure, you can have a protein shake here and there. But, Chicken, Lean beef, Fish and eggs. Then vegetables, pasta and rice (brown is best) for carbs. I also suggest creatine monohydrate almost all are good...just read the sugar content and pick on that is low. Be SURE it says Creatine Monohydrate, other types are more filler than anything. And be sure to stay hydrated with 1gal or more of water a day
Also, sleeping less and doing more when you are awake is a great idea. 4hrs a night is maybe all you will get in most branches of the military. And most, minus I think the Air Force has a hell week type thing. The time you get to even rest varies from branch to branch and class to class.


2/4/2019 10:54 PM

What set of exercises do you advise me to keep myself in good shape?


2/22/2019 6:40 PM

I got ripped replacing food with nicotine and rock climbing every day


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