Worst Non-BMX Injuries

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4/2/2013 11:08 AM

I figure with all the talk about Kevin Ware someone needed to start this thread. So what's the worst you've seen/heard about? For me it's either Clint Malarchuk or Richard Zednik getting their necks cut by skates


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4/2/2013 11:48 AM


people dying is pretty bad i guess


4/2/2013 11:55 AM

A "What was YOUR worst non bmx injury?" would have been better cause like said above, people die & stuff. not hating on the thread though, that basketball injury was nuts. I saw a picture of him already up and walking around with crutches though so he's definitely on the road to recovery.

As for worst I've SEEN.. um well I didn't see it happen, but my friend & I were riding home one night & saw backed up traffic.. up a head was some dude laying like 10 feet from his motorcycle passed out, his motorcycle was up on the curb and pretty beat up and the guy was like snoring. We were like ohhhh fuck. Luckily people had already called 911 and he did indeed survive, it was so nuts though seeing the poor guy like that


4/3/2013 1:18 AM

A motorcycle got hit by an SUV while running a red light, he was thrown about 10 feet from his motorcycle and his left calf was crushed.

He was trying to put it back straight and when he let go, his foot just dangled there.

That's the worst injury i've seen that actually happened in real life.


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4/3/2013 1:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/3/2013 1:33 AM

There were some really little hoodrats kids on my local skatepark once.
One kid was in like 6th grade and insane at riding for his age, the other couple kids were like 10 or 11 I'm sure.
The oldest kid did a little 2 1/2 footish ledge, then one of the other kid tried. Kid smashed the fuck out of his face, broke his nose, and had to be put in an ambulance on a stretcher. Shit was crazy.

lol wtf thats bmx. idk then. i ripped the front of my leg off once. like down to the bone. i fell onto a log a beaver chewed on l0l0l and it ripped the skin right off. got like 50 stitches or some shit but it hurt sooo bad because there was no skin left to use. i didnt even feel it tho.


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4/4/2013 12:57 PM

In real life... just seen some guys crash in motorcycles nothing to bad for me thankfully =P If shit looks sketchy or looks like something is gonna go wrong I try to avoid it.