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6/27/2013 12:46 AM

How's everyones Summer going?

Mine's been pretty rad haha, haven't rode a whole ton but ya' know.


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6/27/2013 12:56 PM

so far boring just riding at a few spots (I hate the heat so I don't want to do anything) and going to the beach with friends buut once we start the summer of bad ideas (if we ever do) it should get interesting


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6/28/2013 12:23 AM

work work surf sleep work eat sleep work surf


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6/28/2013 2:13 AM

its been ehh, ive seen some things and done some stuff, nothing super rad


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6/29/2013 8:00 AM

Pretty good if it wasn't for the weather I wish I could ride more cause my bike is pretty dialed right now.


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6/30/2013 8:07 PM

Got a new bestfriend, did alot of shit & went to alot of parks with him (thats not the way I wanted it to sound)
About to dump my girlfriend in the next 15-20 mins.



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6/30/2013 9:02 PM

TheBrandonFranke wrote:

Got a new bestfriend, did alot of shit & went to alot of parks with him (thats not the way I wanted it to sound)
About to ...more

Did this yesterday! tongue


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6/30/2013 9:36 PM

my friends are riding less because of girlfriends, sneakers (eww) and fucking league of legends


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6/30/2013 9:36 PM

Yo, it's been alright. I've been riding more and trying to get my bike how I want.


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