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10/30/2011 10:16 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/30/2011 10:33 AM

ya i know scooters are gay but people are really good at riding them so put up some vids


If you have a bike and you dont ride, YOUR GAY

10/30/2011 10:55 AM

shit, that kids good but i still think every kid on a scooter looks so gay.


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10/30/2011 11:55 AM

Unbelievable, he is my all time favorite rider!


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10/30/2011 12:57 PM

The only good part was when he threw the scooter on the floor. I don't care how good someone is, scooters are, and always will be gay as, and I can't wait for the craze to die. Which it will.



10/30/2011 3:40 PM

Tyler is way chill i met him and Zig Short the other day at my local they're insane good


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10/30/2011 5:18 PM


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bike check
bike check v2
bike check v3
bike check v4
bike check v5

10/30/2011 5:27 PM

haha my local was crowded today with about 150 scooter kids since the town scootershop was holding a comp.


10/31/2011 8:31 AM

LOL local scootershop


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10/31/2011 7:37 PM

im gonna be honest, i find scooters fun just to mess around with because of how damn easy they are. i wish the stuff i could to on a scooter, i could do on a bike. id be doin triple bar 180's down stairs and shit. i agree, i would never want to go pro for scooters, because thats just homo, but when im not on a bike, im fuckin around on a scooter.