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10/15/2011 8:29 PM

Black Ops killed CoD!!!!!!


Get a life... ride a kids bike

10/24/2011 12:53 AM

lol seems like people either hate it or love it


10/31/2011 4:41 AM

loclone4 wrote:

lol seems like people either hate it or love it

me i love it, but i think thats cause ive never really played modern warfare 2.




10/31/2011 11:46 PM

xbox. ZOOBzilla add me if you want. love the game even the retarded arcade.


i will never die, my world will only end...[[[REFS,,, showtime402, _brendan

11/11/2011 8:03 PM

get rid of this thread. MW3 is where its at.


Boldly going nowhere.


12/19/2011 9:07 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/19/2011 9:08 PM

MW3 is ok... Blk OPS still the best! I bought mw3 and played for about a hour and put black ops back in. Anyone on psn want to play 1v1 against me or with me lmk! "loclone4"


2/12/2012 5:01 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/12/2012 5:02 PM

I play both black cocks and MWF3 on xbox

add me if you like



2/12/2012 5:56 PM

about 46 Ewoks



Swoop it motherfuckas