what's up with bottom brackets

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1/10/2022 7:50 PM

looking into getting a normal size bike (29 inch wheels) and it's kind of annoying. They frequently have so many more parts than BMX bikes, and I don't have the money to constantly get a derailleur fixed or tuned up and I don't have the patience to figure out how to work on shit like that myself lol. I kinda wanna try some racing so currently looking into building something kinda cyclocross-esque. Anyway i guess what i wanna know is, why aren't mid bottom brackets used outside of bmx? What's the advantage of a seemingly hyper-specific threaded bottom bracket? Why can't I throw some shadow noctis on a 29inch frame?


1/11/2022 8:07 AM

Each brand wants to have a special patent to screw the other one smile

MTB and road bikes use something similar to the Mid BB, called "Press Fit"...and guess what? Instead of using the same 41.23mm outer diameter, they used a 41mm diameter...

Also, instead of having all the dimensions indicated, they just go with "Press fit GXP" or "Press fit DUB"

One is for 22/24mm spindles, the other one 28mm...and not indicated most of the time...
Not to forget they also have different BB width


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