43, starting to ride 20" again

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2/4/2015 8:15 PM

I have been thinking about picking up a 20" BMX for a while now as I used to ride in my younger years -- you couldn't get me off my bike in my youth. I have riden a 29er single speed for years now, but it's never been as much fun as what I remember from riding my old BMX bikes. Went to the LBS that I've frequented for my mountain bike needs for years and was promptly told that they were no longer carrying BMX bikes as there was no local demand. Bummer. Was interested in a GT or Redline, and knew that they carried those brands in the past, but the only thing they had left was two MirraCo bikes. So on a whim, and since no other local shoppes had any BMX bikes in stock either, I went with one of the MirraCo bikes, a No. 7. It's a new, 2013 leftover, so I got a good deal. I've switched out the seat post to a 330 Kink Stealth Flagpole pivotal with a Kink Sexton II seat -- hey, I'm old, gotta sit once in a while! Also went with Kink Seneca pedals and a Kink Highrise stem for some more reach and rise. All other parts are the stock "Black Label" components. I'll probably ride everything else until they need to be replaced, but was thinking about some new wheels as I'm a "robust" 200+ pounds. Any recommendations for a good wheel set? Any comments about the No. 7 MirraCo bike? I know they are kinda on the way out, but this particular bike seems to be well built at first blush and should suit my needs pretty well. Gonna use it for a general bomb around bike and for a pump track I'm gonna build on my property this Spring.


2/5/2015 9:51 AM

Odyssey A+ wheels are pretty tits if you don't wanna get customs.

If you feel like springing for customs, G-sport rims and Odyssey Anti-grams, Madera/Profile (they are almost the same) or Tree Hubs. G-sport hubs are pretty nice, but the Ratchet is pretty old, and the Simion rear isn't out yet. Simion front and Antigram rear would be a pretty sick set-up.


2/13/2015 5:21 PM

Thanks Tec... I've been eyeballing Odyssey wheels... nice. Will probably replace the front first as it's a stock single wall. Rear is double wall so should hold me up for a bit. Trying to figure out what's good -- most of the brands I'm reading about as being quality didn't exist back when I rode BMX years ago, and the brands I do know are now considered junk. I'll eventually figure it all out again.


3/12/2015 4:54 AM

I am 42 and I have been running Odyssey Anti-Gram hubs on 7KA rims, best wheel set ever so far.


12/1/2015 5:17 PM

I rode odyseys for awhile once u get em u wont go to another wheel nice and smooth thought i was old (26) 2 kids n married stopped riding for 8 years and hopped back on the hobby again and sounds like u have a comfy seat i need one my seat currently goes places i dont prefer it going lol


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