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7/27/2017 6:54 PM

I just bought this gem. Wondering what brand/ year etc.
Tried looking but never found the twin top tube model.
Serial stamp
TH 84 10

Hope someone knows.
My best estimate is Kuwahara Nova '84?


7/27/2017 6:57 PM



7/28/2017 7:24 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/28/2017 8:11 AM

Looks like an old department store Raleigh super mag. Probably worth about 60 bucks all fixed up to a collector or ralieghs..... Definitely not a kuwahara. Those rims are shot to hell too.. . also maybe an old super cycle...


7/28/2017 8:14 AM

Yup 84 Canadian tire supercycle. They start with TH serial, see post here: