Old School Frame Identification

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5/1/2021 10:26 AM

Hey guys. I am very new to this forum and just started building bmx bikes again. My buddy has a BMX frame hanging in his garage it's been there for some 20 years. The downtube goes under and past the bottom bracket shell. Its the strangest design I have searched for hours online found nothing. Anyone have any idea what this may be? Photo


5/2/2021 5:16 PM

Weird for sure


5/3/2021 6:40 PM

It’s a Morales BTS


5/4/2021 11:14 AM

@Eric43 You rock thanks. I was just googling what you had said and yes it is definitely that!



5/4/2021 6:04 PM

You’re welcome. Glad to help.


5/7/2021 2:44 PM

I have that exact same frame. Def a Morales BTS. Heavy as hell, lol. That looks to be the same version as mine, purchased through Dan's Comp back in like '98, as a raw unfinished frame.