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3/29/2011 9:49 AM

Looking for an FBM Angel of Death frame. 3/8th dropouts. Rider condition. 21"tt but will settle for 20.5. Shot in the dark I know but hoping. I can pay with PayPal or I have things to trade:

-'Standard STA, 21"tt, 3/8th drops, typical scratches and scrapes, little bit of grindage on the right CS but no cracks,dents,rewelds, etc etc etc. OG Standard red paint, sort of burgundy, autumn red it was called? It's in nice shape, ridden but not abused.

-S&M Race XLT stem, black, 53mm reach (same as redneck), like new, had a couple scratches, painted with black rusto and a fine brush, looks nice

-s&m headtube badge, new

-BB's and H/S's: silve profile euro, V2 cups, Dk 22mm Mid, gold odyssey intg. H/S, etc etc

I have a bunch of old FBM parts and so the idea got into my head to get an AoD and build it up even if it just gets me to the bar and back. I sold a NOS AoD a year or two ago and always regretted it, but at the time I didn't have $$$ to build it anyway and didn't want to switch all my parts over from the Kizz.

Let me know if you or someone you know is holding.

Thank you.


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3/29/2011 6:20 PM

Don't think this would be a old school bike. its a New school bike,but is out dated from about 5-6 years ago...


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3/29/2011 8:53 PM

I seen an angel of death on ebay about a week ago, not sure if it's still there but might be worth checking out... and what year is the sta?


3/30/2011 6:48 AM

gold king - yeah, not old school but this seemed like the most appropriate place to post about it. They first made them in '98?, ~ 8lb frame with an american bb and standard headtube, so I wouldn't describe it as new school. They stopped making them when everything started getting lighter, around '02?

brock.anaphylactic - i'll check out ebay, can't hurt, thanks for the heads up. STA is a '99, CS brake mounts, big drops. Was always more of a Crossed Out/Man is the Bastard type of guy but I gotta give props, nice Disrupt shirt.


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6/20/2011 7:05 PM

for sure


10/10/2011 2:24 PM

Still lookin for an angel of death? ive got one for sale. 21", black , 3/8" dropouts in good condition. the only sticker i left on the frame when i first built the bike is the angel of death sticker on the head tube. the frame has been ridden on but no large damage. im trying to sell the bike as a complete but would consider selling the frame alone. it is old, it is used but if your still interested hit me up.


11/5/2011 4:55 PM

been looking for one too. a 21 just sold on ebay for like $120 i missed it, there has been a 20.5 on there several times for $50 with no bids. i want a 21. ill let you know if i see another one.


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3/1/2012 8:28 PM

i'm willing to part with mine. have 7 bikes in the apartment. some have to go! 21" top tube with 3/8" dropouts [LINK TO IMAGE]21" top tube with 3/8 dropouts[LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE]


6/6/2012 5:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/6/2012 5:21 AM

There's one for sale in Philadelphia


8/21/2012 12:54 PM

We have a brand new 20.5 FBM Angel of Death frame. The frame has NEVER been used and the warrenty tag is still attached. The frame is grey in color with white decals. Please let me know if this is something that you'd be interested in.

Thank You,

Farr's Sporting Goods


4/9/2016 5:01 PM

derrick.wojcik wrote:

i'm willing to part with mine. have 7 bikes in the apartment. some have to go! 21" top tube with 3/8" dropouts [LINK TO IMAGE]21" top tube with 3/8 dropouts[LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE]

how much for the fbm aod frame