What has been a good thing for you about getting older??

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2/11/2010 7:35 AM

So, I would have to say taht even though I am older and have alot of responsibilities, family, carreer, kids, wife, house, bills....all the crap that comes along with it, I think the coolest part is that I finally have the financial means to build the bikes that I always wanted when I was younger.

I mean, I would see some cool set ups but never had the money to buy the nice frame, wheels or cranks. Finally, I am at a point where I can afford this stuff and have the ability to simply order it. Granted I still need to fit it in my budget and pay for the normal living expenses but at least I can do it.

While I may not be as good of a rider as some of the kids on here, I can at least build the bike that I always wanted. Same goes with my cars, snowboards, skateboards, golf clubs...That has probably been the best part of getting older.

A close second would be, being able to be cool with my daughters. Being able to still do things that are considered hip to them. Being active and participating in their sports activities and what not. I think that if I wasn't doing all this other crap like riding and working out, I would not be able to do all that!


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2/16/2010 9:03 PM

Riding with my boys.


2/16/2010 9:08 PM

i'm not as old as you guys but for me the best part in getting older/ growing up would have to the memories i cultivate from the many wonderful experiences of life


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2/20/2010 12:22 PM

I would have to day the memories but if I did have kids it would be riding with them and teaching how to table top and 360.


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3/1/2010 7:56 PM

im 35 and i enjoy being able to go to the parks and ride with my kiddo's...........this sunday was one of the coolest when my 6 year old little girl dropped in on the half pipe she always been scared after she made the drop i couldnt get her off lol........