Moving to seattle.

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3/14/2015 5:07 AM

Hey guys, my name is eric, in 22 years young, I'm getting ready to make the move to Seattle in about 3 weeks or so. I'm coming from Florida,bringing a suitcase of clothes, my bike, and that's about it. I've got a little bit of money saved up, figured I'd post a topic and see if anyone's got a couch I could stay on for a bit when I first get off the plane or point me in the right direction. Really looking for some homies to help me out, and figured who would be better to ask than a fellow rider, at least this way we forsure have common interests and are super likely to get along as opposed to a random roomie off craigslist. Any advice or help, or a point in the right direction would be super gratefully appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read! Keep shreddin!


4/27/2015 11:29 AM

For a couch to crash on check out you may get lucky. Wish I could help you more, but I don't love ve there anymore.