2 film qestions: hard and software ones

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10/16/2013 5:45 AM

hello, im trying my best in filming,since half a year and working on a dvd.

the problem is that most my mates ,even those ones doin it proffesional doesnt use those programs neither cameras that i use,and i really do not have some to ask some qestions.

first one:
currently im filming with a sony handycam, which means that 10sec footage is usually something like 10-20mb.
im working with affter effects, to do the rampslowmo stuff, and I have no idea how to render this properly. usually my outcomes are like 500mb for 3-6 seconds of footage.

secondly, it would be nice to hear some adivce about rendering long projects in general, right know the best I have figured out are mpeg2 hdv 1280x 720 and 25fps (in sony vegas) but this one isnt good enough, 5 minutes of footage are 700mb,and with a dvd project 30,40 minutes long a dvd disc wont be enough.


second topic is about the camera:
i plan to change the handycam + fisheye converter + ducttape, to something real good.
i dont want HD. of course the first thing that came to my mind are the legendary vx series, but I dont want DV either. it have to be something with usual memorry storage cards. and filming vx alike. the budget i want to spent on it is between 1000 to 2000PLN which is like 300- to max 1000 dollars.

i would be glad for any kind of advice.