BMX dirt/trail riding from a different view

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9/13/2012 9:59 AM

This might one of those, unique chances to see, how does BMX dirt/trail riding look from a different angle - aeroangle. Collaboration with the accurate team from SIA "Aero Vision" and enthusiastic filmer Laine Rudofla made this project possible you to view it now. Rider - Reinis Janulis. These trails are located in Latvia, Sigulda.

Filmed by
SIA "Aero Vision"
Laine Rūdolfa

Edited by Reinis Janulis

Music: B'zwax - Zilla March

9/13/2012 10:38 AM

This is awesome


2Hi throwaway



TRV-950 Footy

Holy shit Chad Degroot posted in my Good porn thread!

VX all day(fixed, raw video, real shit)

Refs: Stayinonmagrind, Dee hos, Kevin Burnett

9/13/2012 4:35 PM

that was sick as hell!


9/13/2012 5:13 PM

sick as hell bro


9/13/2012 5:25 PM

Pretty awesome, a lot like Giants of the Dirt


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9/14/2012 9:31 PM

They used those up at the mountain i worked at in Utah, they get some awesome shots of the guys hitting the big 50 foot booters on their snowboards.