Bad Music?

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7/30/2020 10:16 AM

This is a rant, and a callout to some of y'all who made a bmx vids.

Is using terrible music for video segments standard now?

Nearly every video part in 2020 is ear hating garbage. Not only do these sad bastard whiny little bitch break up songs have zero energy, they don't flow with riding, or anything at all really. I'll say that again, THEY DON"T FLOW. Y'all forcing them to flow with poorly used slow-mo.

What makes it worse is that the riding has been so fucking good. Hats off to every rider and videographer for killing it so far this year. Maybe think about picking a song that matches the energy of your riding. Thats all. I don't care what genre.

Again. The riding and video work this year has been straight fire. The music has been stomping out that fire, and then crying on the ashes. I say this with love and respect to everyone involved in making these videos.