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11/25/2014 4:26 PM

Coast Bmx is a new site which posts Bmx news / videos / pictures every day. I wanted to post this on here because we aim to make up coming riders like yourselves a chance to get some recognition for your edits / pictures and riding.
We have Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts which you can tag us in all of your edits and pictures and we may choose your's to upload to our site.
We do a Photo Of The Week on our website where you guys can email us your photos and we will choose our favorite photo every Monday and upload it to our website and social feeds. You can also #CoastPOTW on social sites for us to see your edits and photos for us to re-post.
Clothing and accessories will be made very soon but we are mainly focusing on keeping the website updated and making it better.

Follow us, Email us your pictures and edits and check out the website!

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