Editing Softwares?

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2/11/2015 7:46 PM

I have a mac book pro. I am currently using i movie for making edits. I was just wondering what some good editing softwares were? I have a couple of problems with i movie right now... The slow motion looks awful, really laggy, and i just want something more advanced that i can do cooler stuff with. I am willing to work with almost any price range.


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2/12/2015 4:49 AM

Adobe Premiere Pro


2/12/2015 8:15 AM

I use sony vegas pro 11


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2/12/2015 7:44 PM

I was trained at school with adobe premiere and afteraffects, adobe has a free 30day trials for any of their softwares, try that before buying
final cut pro sounds good, but i am on pc
imovie is decent from what ive heard

try em out and then make a decision


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