Guadalajara BMX 2013 - Red Bull Revolcon

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5/13/2013 1:25 PM

Hey guys check it out, my newest video with RedBull @ the 2013 Revolcon titled, "
Guadalajara BMX 2013 - Red Bull Revolcon" -

I went here for 2 days and stayed with my good friends, David, Victor, and kevin peraza at their house, and chomping down on their mom's great burgers. tongue
This was filmed in Guadalajara, and the RedBull Revolcon is basically the Prelimenary to the super RedBull Dirt Conquerors, that I'll be going to as well in may 24-26th. Some of the best Dirt riders, and park riders were in this comp, including a lot of my friends.

This also happens to be my first time I've ever filmed at an event of any kind before, so some angles look recycled as you can tell.
Anyways, Wow, this was one of the best times in my life, with all my new friends, BMX 100% pure motivation, and hanging out.
I can't wait to go to the bici Expo, and filming David, next week In Guadalajara.

Now I can look forward to filming David peraza's first ever video Next week too! who knows, maybe I might even film kevin Peraza while I'm at it haha. Thanks guys, and as always, any critique is welcomed!

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