Help a 14yr Old BMX Riders Youtube

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5/1/2015 1:54 AM

Hey guys iam a 14yr old bmx rider from far north queensland australia, i have only ever riden about 4 skateparks seeing it is such long travel to get to them, but me and some mates have been doing youtube, and we need more views and hopefully we can pick up a thing, we do youtube because we get very bored of going to the same skatepark every day, so if we can reach 100 subscribers (we are currently at 52) Then we will all do a bike check, and a Hilarious video that only some people know about smile)

If you can help that would be so sick smile We are doing netisodes, unboxings, Q&A's, Edits, Day in the lifes, and alot more

Thankooo smile