If you film with a Sony VX1000, 2000, 2100 or Trv900 WATCH THIS!

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7/16/2013 11:01 AM


8/4/2013 10:03 AM

don't lose your f Zach!


8/4/2013 3:08 PM

rwg2008 wrote:

don't lose your f Zach!

My f?? haha


8/4/2013 10:35 PM

The trv950 should be in that title the trv900 doesnt come with the custom preset option


2Hi throwaway



TRV-950 Footy

Holy shit Chad Degroot posted in my Good porn thread!

VX all day(fixed, raw video, real shit)

Refs: Stayinonmagrind, Dee hos, Kevin Burnett