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5/3/2011 6:44 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/3/2011 6:45 PM

sooo good!!. probably my favorite edit even though i think its a couple years old.
8 minutes and 59 seconds of pure awesome

Kink AZ and CA from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.


5/3/2011 9:01 PM

I really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting it up, I had forgotten bout it


"The ratio of hours of building and maintaining trails is astronomically skewed in the wrong direction, but the pay off is indescribably worth it."

5/6/2011 9:40 AM

Are ya'll out yo got dayum minds? 50 views and 1 comment. Break in my house, i'll kill ya ass


5/6/2011 7:04 PM

Fucking awesome.


5/7/2011 4:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/7/2011 4:47 PM

i just fell in love.... with a video.


All my edits are iPhone edits...

last member of the week ever


5/14/2011 12:42 PM

Skooter wrote:

i just fell in love.... with a video.