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4/8/2014 10:47 AM

Purl Mullitia - Northern Exposure from Toogen on Vimeo.

Made this for a friend who I ride with 99% of the time I ride. We are from Pearl, MS (hence the Purl Mullitia name we call ourselves) and summers here are so brutal you can't even ride. Last summer my friend was sent to Alaska for his job, but brought along his bmx and camera. Turns out the summers in Alaska are perfect for riding. While there he met a couple cool locals and rode and filmed when he wasn't working. I made this edit for them with the footage they got and am pretty happy how it turned out.

4/21/2014 3:57 PM

".. and I'm all.. fucked up....on the street" lol. badass

The music fit well and the stationary camera parts weren't that bad. Good shit, keep it up!


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5/5/2014 10:38 PM

Pretty sick man


"if you feel yourself falling backwards, thrust forward like you would if you were indeed fucking your bike, and if youre falling forwards, push your legs while leaning back, like if you were pulling out from fucking your bike But dont, under any circumstances, actually fuck your bike" - EddiMundo