Rokinon fisheye

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4/30/2013 6:10 AM

If any of you have any expierience shooting photos with it, how is the lens? I plan on buying the HD8M 8mm version. Everyone says its amazing for the price but I just wanted to get some feedback from you guys.


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4/30/2013 8:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/30/2013 8:48 AM

Its super sweet! my buddy has one on his T3i. Check out my street edit link below and you will see some first hand footage with it, all the fisheye clips in that edit are done with this rokinon fisheye


4/30/2013 1:36 PM

It's a great lens for the price other than not having autofocus. But a quick tip for getting everything in focus is if you're out in daylight, set the aperture to F/8 or higher and everything will be in focus. Obviously if you're in a low light situation that won't work, but even then nailing the focus manually isn't very hard.