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stolen bmxer stolen bmxer
10/31/2007 2:38 AM

well im startin video n shit but i really have no-idea of the names of the cameras i know there is cams that record to disc and some that like record to a memory card ... could sum1 plz tell me wat they r each called because i would rather the memory card ova da tape thanks

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skidmark skidmark
11/3/2007 11:23 AM

aright it goes like this heres what i know.

You have still cameras.
Digital and film (usually 35mm)

Then youve got your camcorders.
theres the ol' VHS camcorder
then theres the mini vhs camcorders.
theres also the DVD camcorders (record on DVD)
thers also alot of camcorders that use SD cards or other sort've memory card.
now there is High Deff (HD) camcorders but there pretty expensive.
theres different lenses too (dont know a whole lot about em)
you got ur stock lense
you got a a large selection of wide angles.
stuff like that.

now you said youd perfer memory over tape well alot of Mini DV Camcorders (they fit right in the palm of your hand) are a mix of mini VHS tapes and memory cards, thats your best bet if your just starting out (thats what im doing right now)

also when you wanna share stuff you made you just put it on a disc or upload it to youtube. pretty simple there.

um youd probably wanna ask someone else cause im only 14 and i havent been on this planet long enough to learn the stuff....or experience it..

^^christ im suprised i typed all this

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