Eclat Bondi Rims with Cortex hubs and rear freecoaster

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3/16/2021 10:08 AM

Does anyone ride this wheel setup? And do you recommend it. Skatepro has them in sale as complete wheels. Not sure whether to try the Bondi or new V2 Trippin wheels with the same hubs?


4/26/2021 7:04 PM

Used to ride them. The cortex is a horrible coaster and the bondi rims are aight at best. Spokes always came loose and the wheel was never able to stay true



8/16/2021 9:49 PM

I run bondi rims but on a dynamic rear Cassette and they are solid and I love them, the welds are PERFECT and I've run clear pads against them for 18 months with NO issues with the finish. I maintain my bike real well though, and dial my wheels every couple months, have never had to make more than a tiny adjustment here and there. These are all after market parts and hand laced, so I cannot attest to thier complete wheels. Mine are running BSD Stainless spokes and nipples