How do I land properly?

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8/25/2015 4:16 PM

Seems kind of stupid but is there a certain way your supposed to land when coming of ramps onto a flat path/road??
Every time I land my front wheel jerks forward when landing. Is there a certain way to do it?wassat


9/18/2015 12:28 AM

legs staight, feet tenced and extended, land back wheel first


1/25/2016 7:11 AM

Sounds like you may be bouncing your front wheel. If it is to flat. Definitely land rear first.. legs extended and then bend your knees to suck.up the impact as the bike comes down and front wheel touches.. dropping like this may help keep your gravity center low and prevent that wheel hop you were saying. Also just keep practicing it and eventually youll figure it out like any other trick. If the way you are currently doing it isnt working then you need to consciously force yourself to not do it because youll only get the same result.