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4/19/2016 5:15 PM

Hi, I am fairly new to biking but am okay at it, I can 180 and G turn but found out that I am a natural Indian give and have lots of trouble rolling out from these, friends advice isn't much help wondering if you guys have any tips? Please respond, Thanks!


4/19/2016 8:28 PM

Try to turn your head the direction you want to turn out and pull out while you move backwards. I think that I'm time, you will understand better how you half-cab and what pointers you need to change. Buddy of mine always did them for maybe like a year, then all of a sudden, he stopped and began turning out the "better" way from fakies. Just practice! :D


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4/19/2016 9:14 PM

Just keep them the natural way you turn out. It'll be ugly, but master your fakie technique backwards and then start working on turning out the other way. I did that and most people sometimes can't even tell if I'm goofy-footed (spin the "wrong" way) or regular-footed (spin the common way). And most of the time, regular-footed people who need to learn opposite fakies find that doing so usually forces your switch foot to give pedal pressure, and it makes you wanna slider out. Just figure out how you wanna learn them and make them look clean and natural.


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4/19/2016 11:54 PM

Indian givers are awesome!

I've struggled for years with being a natural Indian giver. They key is to slightly over rotate the 180, do a single backwards crank while continuing to lean the direction you spin, then turn. It feels really unnatural to me still and I've been doing 180's for 20 years haha.


4/20/2016 1:53 PM

I'm guessing you mean the more recent iteration of gturn.

From my day it was a 180 to backward nose wheelie turned around 90 degrees to hop 90 out.

Kids now think a nose pivot 180 is a gturn.


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