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7/23/2016 6:51 PM

Today I went to sand my spokes for paint, I found out that there are two different sizes of spokes( like 1 cm shorter) and wondered if this is the reason my rear wheel will not work, my nipples are stripped so i plan to order more of those and that should help a bit. Does anyone know why there is two different sizes? I've used some on the front rim so I will most likely have to take that apart sadly. the bike i have is a 2012 kink curb with i believe alienation PBR which is a 36h rim. the spokes are 14g, I am also assuming that the nipples are 14g( which is what i will order so if that is wrong please correct me so i do not order the wrong ones) and the rear hub is a mission something( sorry i sanded and painted it already, but it was the original hub i believe since it was a mission and was somewhat of a chrome orange. PLEASE HELP ME I JUST WANT MY BIKE DONE ALREADY. Thank you to whomever helps.


8/5/2016 5:43 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/5/2016 5:44 AM

Try posting in the how to section, no one really checks here. Usually front spokes are a bit longer, but you may also have 2 different lengths for the rear, usually shorter on the drive side