What complete should I get?

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11/15/2015 11:27 AM

So I've been doing BMX for a while and my friend's dad owns a brand with a compound and I've rode there like seven time and I think it's time I get a bike of my own. Price really doesn't matter (getting a job) and I know plenty about bikes and what to look for. I'm just wondering what you guys think the best complete bike is.



11/17/2015 8:20 AM

If money really doesn't matter, you should buy a custom. 1000 bucks will buy you a very good bike. If you don't know the difference between a good bmx part and a bad one, I can help you. The thing is that a complete doesn't have all the parts good. But if you don't have 1000 bucks to spend, buy a complete. Idk, the 2016 fly omega and orion look very good.


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