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BarneyBMX BarneyBMX
5/22/2017 1:20 PM

I have my left food forward, and I grind on the right side. Ive ruined a front sprocket because of this and want to switch to a LHD wheel so i can have my sprocket on the left side of my bike. Anyone know where I can get on of those?

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vck vck
5/23/2017 9:58 AM

Anywhere you can buy BMX parts?????!!! Online and bike shops. Stupid question really. Just make sure your cranks are interchangeable, cause some aren't in which case you'll need new cranks as well.

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BarneyBMX BarneyBMX
5/23/2017 11:24 AM
vck wrote:

Anywhere you can buy BMX ...more

I've been looking at the online shops and don't know whether or not they are LHD wheels. I don't see it in the description at least. Just learned about what LHD and RHD wheels WERE lol.

You're really good at riding bikes, but I bet you cant crash as good as I can...

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Diana Welch Diana Welch
5/30/2017 6:50 PM

I prefer buying at online shops because I can find more parts and a lot of choices.

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
9/14/2017 2:39 PM

Pretty sure the hub has been found
but there are many convertable hubs which dont limit your future choices if you decide to switch for any reason.

Odyssey antigram
United supreme
Saltplus trapeze
Totalbmx tech v2
Eclat pulse
Gsport ratchet
Cinema vx2
Subrosa posi trac
Bicycle union process
Halo switch
Tall order drone

Im sure there are more but that would be a good place to start looking.

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Stixxs Stixxs
1/9/2018 4:22 AM

I was in the same boat. I was in my lbs one day and they were practicaly giving away a set of wheels,lhd, so I grabbed them They are the Stolen Rampage wheels. They are lhd, 9t, sealed, and double wall and I only paid $99 for the set. I know they are not a premium wheelset but for that price I didnt care.

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smelyPoopiePants smelyPoopiePants
2/9/2018 12:57 PM

Just turn your wheel around, that's what I did and working fine...I just have to pedal backwards everywhere I go...

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
2/9/2018 12:59 PM
smelyPoopiePants wrote:

Just turn your wheel ...more

I hear if you flip your bars around and switch your cranks you can travel rearward into the past.

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DanTheBikerMan DanTheBikerMan
2/15/2018 7:39 PM
Bulletpup wrote:

Pretty sure the hub has ...more

A fair few of these are what you’d be looking for

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