Speeding up site loading? This is worst site I visit..

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8/29/2015 7:53 AM

I typically run noscript and adblock, but I turn off both to be able to use this site. Problem is, if I've got a few tabs up of vital it starts choking my computer and I freeze up half the time! Even loading a single page is incredibly slow, makes browsing here far less enjoyable.

Any reco's on selectively whitelisting scripts in noscript so the site still functions, but doesn't load so slowly? There's no other site I frequent that even slows my computer down much at all, but this site makes it feel like it's moving through molasses.


8/31/2015 12:21 PM

Sorry to hear about these problems. I'm not aware of speed issues like you're describing. The only suggestion I could offer is to turn off all your browser extensions, but it sounds like you've already tried that. Maybe try a different computer, network, or browser to see if that helps narrow down the problem.


9/4/2015 6:51 PM

I've got adblock too, and I usually like to turn it off for vital (but sometimes forget...oops).

I also have the same problem described. I have a relatively new macbook air, all the other sites are a breeze, but if I have more than 9 vital pages, I sometimes have the 'spinning beach ball of death', safari runs slower, then gets up again. Not as bad as freezing but an annoyance.

Just wanted to add that adfjke is not the only one.

PS; I would like to add here that the reason I run adblock is because of animated ads: I run on a 3G key and have limited credit, an animated ad gobbles up SO much....


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9/6/2015 9:14 AM

^yup that's exactly what happens on mine... because noscript allows you to go through and specifically white-list things, I was hoping to find the offensive cookies/whatever so I could set it to allow everythign but those, so I could keep functionality w/o this lag... Will be a lot of trial/error to do that, unsure if I'll attempt it but if I do I'll post up what script(s) are the culprits here!