Anyone in Orlando Need Some Stuff?

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12/8/2009 6:29 PM

i got a black Subrosa Armada (V1, black, 20.5"TT) here im lookin to sell for maybe like $150 OBO. Excellent condition, a few scratches, only had it since february.

I also got some other stuff like:
1. Kuwahara race frame (White/Black 21"TT) w/internal Cane Creek headset, Shimano DXR brakes and clip-pedals, some old DK bars, and Odyssey Euro BB for $200.

2.Odyssey Race Wheelset (black Vandero hub on front, black Race casset on rear. bothe laced to chrome 7KA Rims) Practically brand new, only raced on a few times before i quit. $150

3. Old Profile Wheelset (black hubs laced Sun Big City Rims) Thier pretty old school (casset has new 9t driver though) but i loved em. Profiles are always smooth. $25

4. Some sprockets. Profile 44t Imperial (Red), Profile 40t Imperial (Black), and Odyssey Utility Lite 39t (Black). What do you wanna pay? I dont care. Best offer

Need any more info just let me know here. just ask and i'll hit u up with a number. OH and, please only orlando/central FL riders. its not really worth it for me to have to go through all the shit of shipping. i'd rather just meet face2face anyway. makes communication easier. ya... i know. i'm a lazy fuck.


Got any questions about my attitude towards riding? Here's a good idea


In the immortal words of CHRIS PEREZ- "HATAZ CAN SUCK MY KACK!"

12/11/2009 11:06 AM

I ll give you 50 for the frame and 50 for the oddyssey vandero front wheel


I'll beat the %@#kin brakes off you @%tch. Shut the %#!k up and ride your %*#kin bike @$$hole.

10/21/2010 11:50 PM
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