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8/11/2015 8:08 PM

I am so unhappy with the options when it comes to finding a bmx geared skatepark here in south charlotte. I know parks have come and gone, but i would like to build something so that fort mill and rock hill riders would have somewhere local to shred.
I am kinda cool with a park owner in clover, Sc, and we were talking, and he is willing to donate all his broken ramps to me as long as i pay for the Uhaul to move it all.... These broken ramps consist of many different cuts of wood, and a few almost partial ramps that just need a little tlc. Hey its a good start. The only problem i have is i live in an apartment and i can't construct any of that at my place... I guess I'm looking for anyone with FLAT property, or any one with connections to an old local wear house. Somewhere that we could start a park/ dirt jump recreation area for local riders. I have much time to donate and would work hard to see this thru.

ANY HELP hit me up!