Lynchburg va riders

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1/16/2015 5:49 PM

Anyone in the Lynchburg area need more people to ride with


2/5/2015 2:10 AM

Not quite Lynchburg (2.5hrs,north), but Winchester VA here...Always looking for new places to ride, didnt seem like there was alot shaking down that way last time we were there, but if youre up this way, stop in and say hey...

Cyclical Cycles
107 Millwood Ave
Winchester VA 22601
M-F 10-7 Sat 10-6


2/5/2015 7:53 PM

Will do the best place we have to ride is LM skatepark I've been working alot with the to help comadate bmx riders and they have some stuff that they are going to be doing pretty soon that I am stoked on can't say much about it right now just in the planning process but expect a sweet park here in the next year or so....other than that there isn't much for street in the proses of building trails only me digging so it will take some time if you guys are ever down this way give me a shout and I'll show you guys around..


3/10/2015 8:47 AM

i ride in Lynchburg / Roanoke sometimes when im in town. I got a friend that lives in Roanoke that I usually ride with. next time im in and were headin to Lynchburg maybe we can shred at LM.



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3/11/2015 10:48 AM

Sounds good we have a nice concrete park up this way too


4/19/2015 1:51 PM

WHATUP LB! Check it out.